Time Until Briefing:

$6.6 Trillion EVERY DAY Up For Grabs?


Jim Rickards here.

As I record this message for you, we’re on the way to an undisclosed location on the eastern seaboard of the US, not far from the nation’s capital…

To step foot into what I call my C.O.B.R.A. Tactical Operations Center.

It’s a specific room I’ve designed -- modeled after Pentagon “war rooms,” which I’ve actually been in -- to show me real time footage of shots being fired in the global financial system…

And to help me trace every single one of those monetary movements back to potential profits for me and my readers.

No one else -- and I mean no one -- has a tactical room designed for this specific purpose.

So congratulate yourself -- you’ve made a wise decision in preparing your financial future for what’s coming…

Starting, of course, with my C.O.B.R.A. Tactical Profits Briefing on June 16th at 1pm.

Because, as you’re about to soon see, deep inside The Pentagon, they’re already fighting the next world war.

Your future, specifically your financial future, will be decided by the outcome of this war, and how you’re prepared to “fight.”

But know this: this war isn’t being fought conventionally…

With “kinetic” weapons like bullets, bombs, and missiles.

It’s being fought with unconventional — or “asymmetric” — weapons and tactics.

Things like technology, policy, money, trade deals, and even pandemics...

They’re all being weaponized as part of a new “domain” of international combat that’s going to affect all of our lives, especially financially.

Needless to say, this also represents a substantial threat to our
national security. That’s why the Department of Defense
is involved — and why they got me involved, too.

Now of course, I’m going to walk you through all this as we go along here…

And everything will make sense when you tune in on June 16th at exactly 1pm for the “full reveal.”

But there’s one very important thing I want you to understand right now.

I’ve been predicting the rise of this kind of warfare for two decades.

So now that it’s taking center stage, I’m ready for it…

And come June 16th at 1pm, you’ll be ready for it, too.

All you have to do is make sure you mark the date and time, and then tune into my C.O.B.R.A. Tactical Profits Briefing when it hits your inbox.

The key to being prepared is knowing how to capitalize on one little-known fact…

Asymmetric combat is already forcing
$6.6 trillion to change hands every single day.

That’s the equivalent of the entire U.S. GDP twice a week. And it’s rapidly escalating.

The upshot is this: Because of my years of asymmetric warfare study and analysis…

Plus my close ties to Washington — and exposure to high-level intelligence…

I’ve been able to develop a new, 100% proprietary system for knowing how to trade this multi-trillion-dollar daily flow of capital.

This unique system is powered by supercomputer algorithms…

And driven by cutting-edge intel that only someone like me could gather.

If my rigorous “back-test” trading simulations in past data hold true in real life…

This new system of mine could lead you to 39 or 40 substantial
profit opportunities every year, theoretically.

That’s a trade about every nine days, on average — if not more.

What’s even more impressive is that my new system pinpointed winning trades with 90% accuracy in these past-data simulations.

Now, I know this is a lot of information. But the key takeaways are this…

Three Things To Know Before You Go

  • >> Although you’re not seeing it in the news (not yet, anyway) the government is already engaged in world wide “asymmetric” warfare
  • >> Our financial fate hangs in the outcome of this war. And there are moves you can make, right now, to control your future.
  • >> At stake is more than $6.6 trillion trading hands EACH AND EVERY DAY in this new war. And come June 16th at 1pm, during my C.O.B.R.A. Tactical Profits Briefing I’m going to show you how to dip your hands in… and potentially skim profits from all this money movement.

Looks like we’re out of time. I’ve arrived here at my Tac-Ops Center , and I’m heading inside to see what’s happening around the world…

Watch your email box tomorrow, where I’ll take you inside this room with me and show you some live demos of shots being fired in this asymmetric war…

Jim Rickards

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